Zell Denver
Jaily ID No. EU-01
Race Human
Current Status on jaily Mentioned Character
First Mentioned in jaily Day 7
Beverage of Choice Any caffeinated beverage

The Zell

Zell considers himself Jules's go-to guy when it comes to graphics and all things fancy. He has made the odd image, here and there. Most recently vector tracing the Supermodel Pose image that he found on Jules's DeviantArt account. This image can be seen in recent episodes of Jaily.

He finds amusing, the traditional birthday greeting, when directed towards Eli. Notably, when Hank covered for Jules on the Jay Hour, Zell prompted Hank to knock on Eli's dorm window to wish him "(Zell says) happy birthday, Eli". Zell openly fears that if ever confronted by Eli, face to face, he would be the recipient of Eli's right fist.

Where Zell Came From

Often making ludicrous claims that he exists as part of the Internet, Zell met Jules accidentally, after browsing through a topic on ProBoards in which Jules posted. Intrigued by Jules, Zell went on to her YouTube Channel were he made several comments. Although busy, Jules took the time communicate with him over Google Talk. After about a week, Zell found the "Comment Game" on YouTube where he asked Jules several questions. Zell continued to communicate with Jules and eventually dropped by her BlogTV show, later called Jay Hour.

Zell Could be Crazy

Zell makes comments which can only be classified as insane. He claims to have superpowers, and the ability to control time. These have yet to be proven. He makes frequent comment on his "photographic memory", something which has partially been confirmed true, when Zell recited the design parameters of the USS Prometheus (Star Trek). There have also been times where Zell has recited immense detail of past events, including dates, which he claims are stored in "protein sequences". The latter is thought to be nothing more than another "Superpower Delusion"

It's been noted that on several occasions, Zell has a strange accent. This is partially true (since he's English). Zell seems to adapt and reproduce the accent of the person that he is speaking with and claims it's a diplomacy ploy to put his conversational partner at ease - again, most likely, the symptom of a psychological disorder.

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