Yes I Care

Yes I Care is a website/blog that is aimed at encouraging awareness in world affairs from a unique perspective.


Yes I Care "stems from a passion for news, a passion for writing, and a desire to give voice to smaller, newer and more personal stories that put major global issues into perspective." Founded by Aishwarya Venkat in 2010, Yes I Care's mission is "to put today's issues in a context that any conscious high-schooler can read about and understand" in order to encourage them to take an interest in worldwide concerns.

Mission Statement

With thousands of media outlets, a million Twitter feeds per second, Facebook posts and Tumblr texts crawling all over the internet, we are at a crossroads in time where we can actually give voice to what we care about any way we want. Why not use this power for good instead of tweeting and retweeting the mundane?

Yes, I care. About the world, about my community, about my friends around the globe. Do you?


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