Weird NJ

WEIRD NJ is the title of a series in production created by Brendan Masker. It tells the story of an alternate universe to this one where Brendan is a hero, the Blue Flame. Most characters are based on and/or named after real life friends of Brendan's.


Many years ago, the gods trusted a power to a human. This human became the first blue flame, a holy light in a sea of darkness.

The current Blue Flame, Brendan, is trained by a young girl named Jade Okami. Jade tells Brendan that the fire god, Flamaura will come to kill him for payback of Brendan's father, slaying Flamaura's years ago. Jade and Brendan begin to have feelings for eachother, but this happiness is shortlived, as Flamaura arrives sooner than expected. Though he is stronger, Brendan has not yet activated the blue flame state and is no match for Flamaura. Flamaura destroys the defenseless Jade and triggers Brendan's anger, activating the Blue Flame.

Though he now has the strength to do so, Brendan spares Flamaura's life and instead, seals him away into the depths of hell.

Years later, Brendan has moved to West Orange and is in high school. He even has a new guardian, Doc. Brendan leads a simple life, hiding his secret and never using the blue flame because he feels he still failed. However, the first day of his senior year, a flaming comet is seen in the middle of the day.

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