Utopia High School
Misconduct in progress at Utopia High School.

Utopia High School, aka T.C. Williams High School, is the only public high school in Alexandria. It is a three-story architectural beauty with abundant resources and a self-sustaining ecosystem.

System of Ruling

At the top of Utopia High's government sits a loving and kindly monarch, known as the "Principal." The Principal is largely an unseen figurehead who fulfills a role in ceremonial duties, with the actual politics of the school managed by the Academic Overseers (formally known as "Academy Principals"). Students, or "subjects," are placed into subdivisions (called "Academies") where they are closely monitored.

Order and Stability

Utopia High maintains a clean environment that encourages growth and development. In order to uphold these standards, a system of rules is in place to facilitate the learning process. Potential threats to order are dealt with swiftly.

Attempted Technological Integration

Each subject is given a portable computer with minimal instruction regarding its usage. Though they are effectively digital typewriters, the devices themselves promote an atmosphere of sophistication. Some teachers encourage their use to the point where subjects are dependent on the device's ability to connect to the internet in order to complete assignments; others prefer a more primitive means of instruction, making use of Expo markers, whiteboards, and lectures.

Notable Subjects

China Jones

Notable Alumni

Jules Ismail

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