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The Roachy Jay Triampeoline (often abbreviated "triampeoline" or "Triamp") is technically Jules' tertiary filming group. This video production group consisting of Jules Ismail, Eli, and Hank Moore. Their project(s) have been uploaded to YouTube on theroachyjay channel.


During one of Jules' visits at George Mason University, Jules announced to Hank and Eli the need to make weekly videos again. The three agreed that Jules' visits to GMU provided the perfect opportunity to do so. It was also agreed that, since Camera Guy and Ian Rogers did not frequent GMU as often and Edwin Romero had begun avoiding them, that this task would be accomplished with only Jules, Eli, and Hank as regulars. (At least, that's how Hank remembers it. The actual agreement may have been something totally different that he just completely missed.)

Origin of the Name

After foolishly suggesting that the new group be aptly called "The New Treampeoline", to which Jules responded that there could never be a "new Treampeoline", Hank threw in the idea to call the group "The Triampeoline" in reference to the number of members who (as Hank currently understands it) are considered regulars.

Notable Project(s)

"Ethics of Robot Rape" with Professor Jules Ismail

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