The Roachy Jay Treampeoline (often abbreviated "treampeoline" or "treamp") is the video production group consisting of Jules Ismail, Eli, Edwin Romero, Camera Guy, and formerly Ian Rogers. Their projects have been uploaded to YouTube on theroachyjay channel.

Origin of the name

After working on several video projects since 2007, the group decided it needed a name. Eli proposed "The Roachy Jay Comedy Troupe" which was shot down by Ian who felt that "troupe" sounded too stuck up. He instead offered "Team" as an alternative.

After much debate, the group decided to combine the two into "treamp" and then Jules threw in the "oline" which gave it all a much bouncier, light-hearted feel.

Notable Projects

Gjaehpfdddon and kMaoulltron
Sling Files

Notable Failed Projects

The Were-Jay

See Also

Jules Ismail

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