Time Dilation Effect

The Time Dilation Effect (sometimes known as "lag" and to Ian and Alex as "Jules' Fucking Laziness") refers to the amount of time in between when a jaily episode is filmed (also known as a day) and when it is uploaded.


It is important to note that the day a jaily episode is uploaded to YouTube does not always correspond to the jaily date of the episode in question. As such, Jules Ismail developed the Time Dilation Formula to help explain this extremely complicated concept.


Approximately the first 60 days of jaily had corresponding jaily and upload dates. This time is known as the pre-dilation era. Following the PDE, the gap between jaily day and upload date began to increase exponentially.


The formula for Time Dilation can be expressed as follows:

\begin{align} \[D= \Delta UT \times n\] \end{align}

D (Dilation) is equal to the change in UT (Upload Time) by n (the number of days that episodes haven't been uploaded).

When several episodes are uploaded on the same day, a jaily marathon occurs if $\[n \geq 3\]$. When $\[n= 3\]$ it is known as a mini-marathon and only when $\[n\geq 30\]$ is it mathematically sound to call Jules lazy.

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