The Were-Jay
This article makes Jules uncomfortable.

A failure in the making!1

The Idea

The Were-Jay is one of the few failed Treampeoline productions, usually when the gang finally gets off their asses from looking at porn and begin to film shit, it tends to go pretty smoothly. Of course there have been many failed ideas, in that the group thought them up, but the porn they were watching was extra good and they didn't feel like expanding on the idea, or one or more members where unsatisfied with the idea in question, and as any Treampeoline member knows, the Treampoline is run like The Articles of Confederation, in that it is horrible and nothing ever gets done (And slavery is legal).

The Execution

The Were-Jay was originally an idea that the group came up with late in the day, as they had spent the earlier hours making Camera Guy watch porn with them because this was his first day with the group, and as per tradition (Starting with Camera Guy) the Treampeoline liked to fuck with the new guy. Eventually the idea came about to make a video with Jules Ismail as a monster, presumably a Werewolf-type creature, but with no special effects because the Treampeoline is full of cheap fucks (Especially Camera Guy) who'd rather watch porn (like Ian) than make quality flicks. The film would revolve around a scared group of children (Eli, Edwin, and Ian) who were telling scary stories. Eventually Edwin's character would tell the story of The Were-Jay, and then… she would appear, beating Ian's character to death and chasing after Edwin and Eli.

This being Camera Guy's first day and all, he was a bit overzealous and immediately called the Camera, much to Ian's chagrin. You see, Ian is an asshole, and like most assholes he doesn't like to be nice, so Ian didn't think Alex had earned his "stripes" so to say enough for him to be giving suggestions and running the camera. To Ian, Alex was an intern who would eventually be hired as an employee (But not paid ever), but to everyone else (AKA not assholes) he was a welcome new addition who's ideas and opinions mattered just as much as the founders.

Sadly, through a lack of communication Alex chased after Eli and Edwin's characters on the first take, totally missing Ian being beaten to a pulp by Jules. Keep in mind it's rounding 8 p.m. and everyone is tired from a day of porn when they learn that they have to go back and start the scene again. Eli and Edwin were not pleased to say the least. They began to intentionally flub takes and everything got so lazy that everyone started taking Ian's advice (bad move). The night ended with all the footage needed taken, but sadly, upon review of the daily's Jules decided it was a piece of shit and trashed the whole project.

Ian's Opinion

To this day Ian maintains that the footage was good, and that The Were-Jay deserves to see the light of day, and not just be shrouded in the murky glow of a full moon.

Everyone Else's Opinion

Everyone else thinks Ian is an idiot.

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