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The year is 2013 and the world has ended. The President of the United States sends Jules Ismail on a dangerous mission back through time to save the planet!



Barack Obama gives a press conference in honor of Jules, complimenting her on her accomplishments and admitting to having her music on his iPod.

Scene 1

Jules explains to the audience that the apocalypse has occurred and the President is sending her on an important mission back through time in order to prevent it, as she steps into the Roachmobile. Driving home, she begins elaborating on why she is documenting her life, but RayRay interrupts this, requesting that Jules drive her in silence. As the Roachmobile comes to a stop outside her Jules' home, RayRay flirtatiously says, "See you soon, Jules."

Scene 2

Jules gets into a fight with her wife, Danaye, about flaws within their relationship. Danaye accuses Jules of having an affair with the Roachmobile. When informed of Jules' mission, she informs Jules that she too will go back in time and prevent herself from getting involved with her. Jules counters by revealing that she has video footage of "what [Danaye] did last summer" with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Scene 3

Back in the Roachmobile, Jules downloads RayRay's program into her neural interlink, citing a need for companionship on long, dangerous missions. Once fully integrated, Jules discourages RayRay from going though her "personal musings."

Scene 4

Dr. eli activates the Temporal Relocation Device and sends Jules back through time…

Memorable Quotes

Jules: "Excuse me, Mr. President, did you say you had my music on your iPod?"
Obama: "Absolutely."

Jules: "RayRay, can you hear my thoughts?"
RayRay: "Woah! Woah! You're naughty, Jules!"
Jules: "Hey—HEY! Keep out of those! Those are… personal… musings."
RayRay: "Hehehehe…"

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Jules Ismail

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Barack Obama

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