The Grim

The Grim is an upcoming(and first official) film by Masker Studios. Though no casting is set yet, it will most likely feature Brendan Masker as the title character and Em Jensen as Elizabeth.


Though the film is still in pre-production and being written, the main plot is as follows :

James Crush was an assassin for a major company. He was hired to assassinate any of the company's employes who stole money, were becoming corrupt, or were planing to take down the company. However, when James was poisoned by the company to test their new drug, he decided to use the short time he has left to take down the company and fix the wrongs he's done.

The movie will begin 'in media res' (in the middle of events) and feature flash backs.

Characters (more to be added later)

James Crush/The Grim James is an average man who was a hired assassin. When he is poisoned by the company, he decides to strike back until the day he dies. He lives with an incurable disease that is eating away at his organs. Though not officially, it is rumored he will be played by Brendan Masker.

Elizabeth Morgan Elizabeth is the liason of the company and former flame of James. She appears early on in the film to attempt to stop James and get him to come back to the company. Though she seems antagonistic in the start of the film, she may play a more helpful role to James. Though not official, it is possible that she will be played by Emilie Jensen.

Dockery Williams Dockery is another assassin for the company who appears to kill James near the middle of the film. All that is known about this incarnation of doc is that he is an antagonist and british.

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