The Chronicles of Hank

The Chronicles of Hank is a jaily fan fiction spin-off series following the exploits of Hank Moore. Unlike jaily, it is not filmed daily, but, like jaily lacks an upload schedule.


The Chronicles of Hank was created when Hank was shooting some footage with his own camera and Jules Ismail told him that he would have to upload it to his own channel. Quite a thrilling backstory, isn't it?


So far, the stated purpose of The Chronicles of Hank is to show the high points of the jaily character who has known Jules the longest, Hank Moore. In contrast to this, however, the purpose of the first two days seems to be to show how much of a jerk Jules can be when the Flip isn't on, and many subsequent days serve only to prove how utterly boring Hank's life is.

Focus of the Show

In contrast to jaily, which seems to focus on Jules Ismail with minimal attention to the rest of its cast, The Chronicles of Hank has so far featured the people surrounding Hank more than Hank himself. This is somewhat due to him having no camera person (excluding Day 10). Day 16, however, featured Hank a lost more than usual. The trend of focusing on others returned, however, on Day 17, when he stalked documented Eli. Finally, on Day 26, the show has appeared to have settled into a state of focusing on Hank about as much as the people around him.

Jules' Involvement

Jules' apparent feelings towards The Chronicles of Hank are lukewarm at best, despite the fact that it was her idea in the first place. As a result, during the first several days, Jules was only in The Chronicles of Hank when she didn't know the camera's rolling or when Hank forced her into it. Recently, Jules has begun to move from a position of active repulsion toward that of apathetic involvement.


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