Terminal Passage Cover Art Contest

Jules Ismail's debut book, "Terminal Passage," is scheduled for release this February, and she wants YOU to design the cover art! Details below.

I can't offer any monetary compensation as a prize for the winner, but you will get credit and exposure (your art will be on the cover of my first book!)

FIRST PLACE gets to pick if their cover art goes on the Hardcover, paperback, or the ebook.

SECOND PLACE gets to pick between what's left

THIRD PLACE gets whatever's left.

ALL entries will be displayed permanently with credit on my website, www.theroachyjay.tk, along with any links to your websites, contact information, etc.

This contest is open to ALL residents of the planet Earth of any age.

By submitting your work of art, you agree to give full, lifetime, irrevocable, non-negotiable, permission of use of your artwork to me, Jules Ismail, including the rights to monetize and create derivative works. You will maintain full copyright and receive credit anywhere the artwork is used. (Translation: It's still your art so you can do whatever you want with it. But I can also do whatever I want with it and you can't sue me - only applicable to the artworks you submit, of course).

I'm planning on publishing this book in time for Valentine's day, so the DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK IS MIDNIGHT FEBUARY 1.

Submissions should be emailed to moc.liamg|liamsi.seluj#moc.liamg|liamsi.seluj with a clear subjectline (ie: "Terminal Passage Cover Art Contest Submission"). If you don't get a message back from me within a couple days saying I received it, I didn't. Make sure you resubmit.

Have fun and good luck!


About the book:

When sixteen-year-old James Singer falls into a decade-long coma, he wakes up into a world he doesn't really understand. Everything has changed. He meets his half brother for the first time and learns about the unsolved murder of his father.

Before the day is over, his brother and sister-in-law are killed, and authorities believe James to be somehow involved. Now, James must elude the law while trying to unlock the mysteries surrounding these deaths.

Embark on an adventure of intrigue, danger, and romance as James works his way into the profession of autopsy doctor and finds his true love, Emma, in a morgue drawer.


by Jules Ismail

This book is a work of fiction. Characters, places, and occurrences are the product of the author’s imagination or used with permission. Any relation to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2009/2010 by Jules Ismail. All rights reserved.

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