Temporary Setback (episode)

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Preceded by: The Mission
Succeeded by: Time Flies

Dr. eli's temporal relocation device sends Jules Ismail and RayRay to the wrong time and place



The Time Machine crash lands in an unknown location. Jules Ismail and RayRay have a brief argument about whether Jules owns her head or if it is the shared property of both of them. RayRay suggests that considering it shared is most beneficial because it enables Jules to save the world while RayRay does the "tough stuff… like math!"

As Jules exists the machine, she runs into Hank, who greets her with a "good morning" and cocks a gun.

Scene 1

Hank tells Jules that they have a long day ahead of them.

Scene 2

Hank reveals that Eli made a miscalculation when he sent Jules back through time, and that they are actually currently in July of 1947. Jules is amused that [Hank said "47." Hank tries to get Jules to get serious as he explains that they are 63 years behind where they need to be to prevent the apocalypse. When that number surprises Jules, Hank begins rambling about how he doesn't understand what Barack Obama sees in Jules and how it is of no consequence that the President is black.

As he rambles, RayRay tells Jules that she doesn't like Hank and tries to persuade Jules into ditching him. Hank shows Jules the Personal Time Relocators that Eli gave him and explains that they can each make five jumps through the timeline. In the ensuing conversation, he tells Jules that their geographic location is 30 miles southeast of Corona, New Mexico. Without letting him finish, Jules activates one of the PTRs.

Scene 3

Arriving in December of 2009, RayRay once again tries to get Jules to run away from Hank, but he appears, out of breath, just before she has a chance to finish making that suggestion. Hank is not amused that Jules didn't let him finish what he was saying. He tells Jules that in order to get to Alexandria, they're going to have to hitch a ride.

Jules and RayRay decide that they'd rather take a plane, so they leave Hank. When RayRay asks Jules how she intends to get tickets, Jules responds by cocking Hank's gun (which she somehow managed to procure) and says: "We're not going to need tickets."

Memorable Quotes

RayRay: "Just think about how much better off you are now that we are sharing a vessel! You do all the secret-agent-saving-the-world-stuff, and I can do all the tedious work… Like math! You never liked math!"

Hank: "Dr. Sloan made a slight miscalculation when he put you in the time machine."
Jules: "Eli made a miscalculation?!"

Hank: We're going to have to hitch a ride.
Jules: On a plane?
Hank: No, Jules!
RayRay: Yes, Jules. I'm not going on a three-day cross-country trip with him!

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