Southside is a buffet-style cafeteria located at George Mason University, it has been used by Jules Ismail as a temporary motel[1].

Dining Options

Southside includes several unique dining options. These include a salad bar, a grill which produces burgers, fries, and more, a sandwich butler, pasta and pizza, a desert section, and a cook that serves random food each day. This is akin to playing Russian Roulette, only the gun tends to be loaded with five bullets instead of the set standard of one.

Pocket Taco and Southside

In the episode "Misfortune Cookie says, 'LET'S GO TO GMU!'" [2], the first time that Jules and Alex went to GMU is the first time Southside is featured, as the dinner spot for Edwin Romero, Hank Moore, Jules, and Alex.

Camera Guy's Dietary Decisions

In all episodes of jaily where Alex is seen eating he always has a slice of pizza and french fries.

Policy Against Reentry

Unfortunately, while Southside allows you to eat as much as you'd like while inside the premises, you must pay to reenter for every meal. For this reason, Jules cho0ses to sleep within the building between meals whenever possible to conserve money, which is dwindling natural resource.

Ice Cream

Southside's ice cream has been made portable and is thusly removed from Southside by Jules on many an occasion.

Featured Outside Jaily

When Elliot, Caroline, Alex, and Ian Rogers, went to GMU in an attempt to visit Eli, they used Southside as a refuge from the torrential rain outside, thus making it a possible safe location in the event that the Apocalypse Prevention Team should fail.

Unnecessary Information

Below Southside, in a subterranean cavern, there is a restaurant called Soup Dee's, which apparently serves still-good day-old food from Southside.

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