Sk'Wap is a green narcotic substance similar to a mixture of every other drug out there… and much more powerful. It can take many shapes and forms (liquid, leaf, powder, chewy cylinder of goodness, etc.) depending on the method of preparation. Initially manufactured only in Alexandria, Virginia, it has since made its way into the city of Annandale.


First discovered by Ben Franklin during the time that he was beginning to understand the true nature of electricity. There were a group of dandelions nearby his workplace that emitted a strange smell. Upon uprooting the plants, he began to notice that he was feeling strange, as he recounts in his diary. When he brought the flowers home, he soon realized that they were covered in dog urine. In disgust, he immediately threw the handful of dandelions into the fireplace, which later caused a release of chemicals that began to spread around his home. In his diary, he recalls "Smelling an odor never before experienced." It was at this point where Franklin began to experience the psychoactive effects resulting from the burning dandelions. That night, he went outside during a thunderstorm with a kite in one hand and a key in the other. While it is generally accepted that he did this in order to perform an experiment that would bring the discovery of electricity to light. However, there are some who believe that Franklin was in an altered state of mind and sought to "ascend into a higher being via the kite."

Alex explains how he smokes Sk'Wap:

A desperate Jules Ismail chugs liquid Sk'Wap.

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