Rock Off

Rock Off is the working title of a project by Brendan Masker. It is based off characters created by Brendan and a friend, Alaina. As of right now, no actors are finalized but it is safe to say it will probably star Masker and Em and somehow involve Jules.

It is unknown if this will be a series or a movie. Brendan has been quoted as saying "This really has more of a movie feel but its also got a lot of material'.

Basic Plot

Rock Off is about a band called Suicidal Notes From Home, who are on tour. The band goes through many conflicts including relationships, dark pasts, and true love.


Jason Bergeron - Jason is the band's lead singer and guitarist. He is a kind spirit and often times far to optomistic. He is in love with Felicity, she's infact the only reason why he joined the band. He even learns how to play the piano to sing a song for her.

Felicity Ringel- Felicity is the band's manager. She plays piano and has a dark past. She likes Jason but is hesitant to start a relationship with him. She learns to play guitar from Jason. It is greatly rumored she might be at least bi-sexual and somewhat involved with Angel.

Angel Harrison - Angel is the band's drummer. She is a party animal and wild child. She loves to drink, party, and surround herself with all her fans, especially the sexy groupies and the hunky fanboys. Though her lifestyle may be off course of it, she deeply cares about Doc and gets extremely jealous, and even suicidal, over his affairs with the groupies. She has been with Felicity since they were babies, and looks out for her best she can.

Dockery Willams - Doc is the groups bassist and primary backup singer. He is originally from Liverpool and has a british accent. He is a lady killer and womanizer, but has deep feelings for Angel. Though Jason is the lead singer, Doc never misses a chance to be in the spotlight and try to be the 'frontman' of the band.

Major Songs

As Rock Off is about a band, many songs are found in the project.

She Likes(my bittersweet love) - Opens the project. Originally preformed by Forever the sickest kids, it is sung by Jason, with backup from Doc and Angel. Piano/soundeffects by Felicity.

Dance Dance - Orginally by Fall Out Boy, Angel plays the drum part as her warmup.

The Joker - Originally by The Steve Miller Band, Doc plays the bass part as his warmup.

The Crowing - Originally by Coheed and Cambria, Jason plays the guitar part and sings for his warmup.

I'll be there - Originally preformed by The Parlotones, Jason learns piano for this song and sings it to Felicity.

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