The term Roachmobile refers to Jules Ismail's vehicle. The current Roachmobile is named Avril.

Acquisition of Avril

While under the influence of bad Annandale Sk'Wap, Jules broke into and hot-wired the car from a shopping center parking lot. 10 days later, after having dinner at George Mason University, Jules felt sick and coughed up a key with a note. The note said to "Keep Da Kar" and when she tested the key, it worked in the Roachmobile. Jules believes the previous owner must have slipped the key into her food so that she would find it and that they had the intention of gifting the vehicle to her.


In the Apoc-Future, Jules' wife, Danaye, believed Jules to be having an affair with the Roachmobile, although whether or not it was Avril is unclear.

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