Roachia is a fictional universe created by Jules Ismail in 2005. "Roachia" can refer to the entire universe, the "Roachia" galaxy, the "Roachia" solar system, the planet "Roachia" or the city of "Roachia", which is itself considered a nation as well (the inhabitants of the city consider themselves the center of the universe). "Roachia" can also refer to the online, multiplayer, text-based roleplaying game (formerly known as "Roachy RPG") for which the universe was originally designed.

Anyone can join, but your character must be approved by a narrator to assure that the characters are not at an outrageous advantage over other players. A player begins with one power and can gains a second when they reach level 6 (or 600 posts). Possibilities of the beginning stats are endless, and in order to change your character's stats, you must apply in the Character Modifications Desk, where it must be re-approved by a narrator.

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