Raven is a former love interest of Jules Ismail who is currently a prominent member of the Jules Ismail Advisory Council living in Upstate New York with her boyfriend, Justin.

Prior to knowing Jules

One year prior to meeting Jules, some ass-munch with his girlfriend ran over Raven with a fucking shopping cart.

Pre-jaily relationship to Jules

Raven was introduced to Jules on the online forum roleplaying site Aerosky by a mutual friend in 2004. Though she quickly lost interest in that site, they continued talking to each other via Instant Message applications including AIM and Skype at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Later, in 2005, they became members of another roleplaying site— Dragon's Realm where they began talking on a daily basis. They became close pretty fast, and it wasn't long before Jules felt she could trust Raven with practically anything[1].

Jules began having feelings of strong romantic affection towards Raven in late 2007 while having serious relationship issues with Sketchy. While Raven did what she could to help Jules, Sketchy became aware of their late night communications when Jules inadvertently sent her an instant message that was meant for Raven. Sketchy was extremely upset, and disappeared for several months.


On July 25 2007, while white-water rafting on Moose River, Old Forge with a couple friends, Raven's large duckie-shaped float was rear ended. She spun to just catch a glimpse of Sketchy grinning at her before the duckie hit a large rock and she fell 800 feet down the length of a waterfall. One friend was badly bruised, while another, Sibbs— a legal midget, broke both her ankles. Raven, somehow miraculously unscathed, wrapped an arm around Sibbs and swam upstream to safety.

In early 2008, Raven helped Jules end her relationship with Sketchy and it tightened their bond. Jules spent months devising a way to meet Raven in person and finally figured out how she'd manage it. She made plans to visit her brother in New York City and Raven made plans to come into the city herself[1]. Their planned meeting day and time was August 16 2009 around 5 in the afternoon.

Due to traffic complications experienced by Raven's mother, their actual meeting took place much later than originally planned. Jules' brother, Alexandre Ismail, began feeling uncomfortable with the entire scenario, anticipating the possibility that it might be an elaborate kidnapping scheme and nearly took Jules back to his apartment. Luckily, Raven sent a text message to Jules just in time for her to show Alexandre that they were there. Jules and Alexandre walked several blocks to a Macy's where Raven and her mother were.

When they recognized each other, they threw themselves into a tight embrace. Raven tied a hand-crafted bracelet around Jules' wrist. As a group, they entered a restaurant where a waiter informed them that they were closing. They quickly relocated to a small coffee shop where Raven's mother purchased a water bottle for Jules and as a group, they had a brief conversation.

The time Raven and Jules were allowed to spend alone was extremely minute. It ended as quickly as it had begun.


The Glass Heart

One year later, on Jules' birthday, August 17 2009, Jules opened a package sent by Raven. It contained a glass heart with an inscription[2] that read:

Happy birthday! I just want you to know how much I love and care for you. You haven't had it very easy, but I sincerely hope that, in some way, I've helped at least a little. You've always been there for me; I want you to know that I'm here for you, too. Good luck for the next full year of your life, and don't ever stop being you! If you even try, you know that I will smack you. Be happy, do what you need to, and I'll be with you every step of the way.

Possible Future interaction with Jules

Jules has expressed an interest in traveling to upstate New York in late November to attend Raven's 16th birthday party. If all goes according to plan, this is quite likely to happen.

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