Pilot is a special that is technically before the beginning of year 2.


Cold Open

The cold open for Pilot is split into three parts with the opening credits dividing it up.

Part 1: Paul Moore is holding the camera and accuses Jules Ismail of getting him shot, it ends with Paul beating up Jules.

Part 2: Jules gets Alex Galloway a learning to read software to help with Alex's dyslexia.

Part 3: Paul tells Jules to use a "Asians only" trashcan.

The Episode

The episode begins with Jules egging on China Jones to chop of a piece of her hair which she does, giving it to Jules.

August 17, 2010: Paul leads Jules out into a darkened woods to convince her to join Paul in becoming a demon hunter, Jules accepts and is given a tour of what is presumably Paul's headquarters, near the end of the tour they meet a leperchaun whom Jules becomes friends with, stupidly Paul blurts out that he wishes Jules were smarter, using up his first wish and brining Jules up to an average intelligence level. At the end of the tour Jules finds Pandora's box which Paul quickly tells Jules contains something to horrible to let out.

August 21, 2010: While discussing the recent BP Oil spill Jules asks Karma Toledo to go and get Jules some milk using Jules's car, the car explodes causing Karma to die, Jules ponders on why her car was rigged to explode. Jules and Alex go looking for cars, with the intention of stealing one so that Jules has a new car, they break into a black sedan that is revealed to be Edwin Romero's car, a chase ensues culminating in a shootout between Alex and Edwin in a parking lot, Alex shoots Edwin and thus kills him. Coincidentally an unlocked car is discovered in the parking lot and Alex and Jules hijack it for their own.

August ?, 2010: The ashes of Karma and Edwin are placed into urns ready to be used for their funerals.

July 30, 2010 (flashback): Edwin, Alex, Ian Rogers, and Jules, go and buy themselves urns.

Same as before flashback: The funeral of Edwin and Karma attended by Karma's evil twin, Eli J'uh Sloan, Alex, Jules, and the craigslist preacher, at the funeral Alex and Jules both say a few words and Eli plays a traditional Sloanian memorial song. After the funeral Jules and Karma's evil twin get into a fight over Karma's death, Eli is seen picking up the urns before leaving. Later that night Jules accuses Paul of not attending the funeral to show his respect.

After credits

Alex is seen rolling Sk'Wap.

Notable mysteries

Who shot Paul?

Where is Paul's headquarters?

Who is the leperchaun?

What is in Pandora's box?

Who blew up Jules's car?

Why was the car in the parking lot unlocked?

Why did Eli take the ashes of Edwin and Karma?

Mysteries answered


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