Oh, That Ian!

Oh, That Ian! is the first episode of year 2 of Jaily.


Cold Open

Jules Ismail introduces the new camera for the show, a ipod touch called Hoshi

The Episode

September 14, 2010: Jules bike rides to Alex Galloway's house where she finds Alex shooting illicit material with Ian Rogers, after Jules accuses Alex of breaking her original Flip camera, Alex flies into a rage and breaks the camera he had been filming Ian with.

September 15, 2010: Ian reveals that he raped and killed a woman, Alex talks about his view on relationships, after Ian leaves them suspiciously Alex and Jules follow him and discover he is addicted to a drug that is called Goldendiamonds the hold an intervention and Alex tries some of it to see how dangerous it is causing him to speak in a horse whisper.

September 17, 2010: Alex is seen using a web cam to do his hair as he no longer has reflection (he lost it in the previous season) Jules reveals that Alex is sensitive about the subject.

After Credits

Jules finds a flyer for Gurar the Guru a self reflection specialist.

Notable mysteries

What happened to Jules's new car?

What were Ian and Alex filming?

Who was the woman Ian killed?

Mysteries resolved

It is discovered that Ian's frequent dissapearences are caused by his addiction to Goldendiamonds.

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