Nova Day

Nova Day was an event that occurred on a different day of the week of September 13 for each individual Northern Virginia Community College campus. This article focuses on the Alexandria Campus Nova Day. New evidence suggest it not only occurs once per year, but in actuality takes place each semester.

At the Alexandria Campus

The Alexandria Campus Nova Day was on September 17 2009. Jules Ismail attended this event, where she met Ted[1] and Erin. It took place outside the Bisdorf Cafeteria.

Free Food

The event offered free food, which was the number one motivation for Jules to attend. She ate a delicious hamburger and some pasta[1].

Rock Wall

A rock wall was set up which Jules attempted to climb but was unsuccessful in reaching the top[1].

Dance Off

Prior to climbing the rock wall, Jules participated in a brief dancing competition with a human Rock Wall attendant[1].

Continued Dancing

While a group of humans played Rockband in the Bisdorf Cafeteria, Jules attracted some attention by dancing[1].

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