Nate Brown
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Nate Brown is a friend of Hank Moore. He made his first appearance on Day 10, when he displayed his ability to unleash a sword in sync with music. It is unknown if Hank filmed this out of admiration or condescension. He later appeared in Hank's Holo-Hell on Day 18, though it is unknown if it was actually him or just a holographic representation, punching Hank repeatedly in the face. On Day 26, Nate and another, possibly related, black friend of Hank's joined Hank in viewing The Last Airbender at Tysons Corner Center. The video majorly featured stereotypical blacksploitation music. He has become somewhat of a recurring member of The Chronicles of Hank.

It is also of note that he is the only person so far to call Hank "Hank".

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