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Money is the current standard for trade on Earth. Jules Ismail does not like to spend it.

Money and Camera Guy

Camera Guy is known to amass large sums of money only to use them on trivial things such as cherry coke

Money and Ian Rogers

Ian Rogers is known to have the largest amass of money out of all characters to have appeared on jaily; seconded only by China Jones.

Money and Eli of Sloania

Eli is known to have been a spender of money, until he entered his freshman year of college, after which he completely reversed his position.

Money and Hank Moore

Hank is often inconsistent in his spending habits. His monetary status is rarely, if ever, known. As with his backstory, this is not due to some deep dark secret, but rather due to a lack of interest on everyone else's part. It's totally due to his DARK FUCKING SCARY PAST!!!

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