Mind-Altering Devices

Mind-Altering Devices (also known as MADs) are any tool, biological or not, that is designed and/or used to change the functions and/or basic structure of the brain. Their effects can be permanent or temporary.

Types of MADs

The Neural Interlink

Though its appearance and compatibility with USB ports may lead one to believe that this is merely a flash drive with the case removed, the basic functions of this device are much more dangerous. Treating the human brain as if it was a computer, the Neural Interlink will upload data such as conspiracy theories and religious beliefs into someone's mind, causing an abrupt and apparently painful change in their neural patterns.

Emotion-Altering Sustenance Products

Best exemplified by the Angry Chicken Sandwich, these foods contain secret ingredients that alter the chemicals within one's brain that control human emotions. These are possibly the most dangerous because they are so slyly hidden in plain sight.

List of Known Types of EASPs:
  • Angry Chicken Sandwich: As the name suggests, it enhances and exaggerates feelings of anger in the consumer. The effects of this EASP is seemingly temporary.
  • Depressive Chicken Sandwich: Unlike the Angry Chicken Sandwich, which is marketed openly, the Depressive Chicken Sandwich is often disguised as a regular chicken sandwich. Once again, as the name suggests, it enhances and exaggerates feelings of sadness and depression.


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So far, the only known countermeasures to MADs are owned by eli.

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