Jules Ismail
jaily ID No. JI-01
Race Human
Current Status on jaily Central Character
Current Status on Haaaaaaank! Main Character
First Mentioned in jaily Day 1
First Visual Appearance Day 1
Actual Debut on jaily Day 1
Beverage of Choice Mountain Dew

Although when it comes down to it, there's really not much distinction between how fucking awesome they are, depending on your perception of reality and the universe, you might consider this Jules a separate entity from ApFu Jules.

Julia Alice Ismail, aka Jules, is the Supreme Sovereign of the Universe, the center of said universe, developer of the Jules Language System writing format, savior of Earth, author, rap artist, film director, typeface designer, a graduate of Utopia High School class of 2009, and Professional Voiceover Artist. Click Here for proof of how awesome Jules is.

Jules is also responsible for any broken image links on jailypedia. SHUT THE FUCK UP PAUL1 AND STOP EDITING MY PAGE.

Origin Story

Jules appeared initially on the internet somewhere in the year 2002 when she created her first website. The site was some nonsensical collection of random crap and snippets of SciFi jargon that likely confused people more than anything else. It was a collaboration between her and a friend who had neither a direction, nor a clue as to what they were doing.

Jules continued to make random websites that served no purpose until 2005, when many of her friends started getting involved with Xanga. Hopping on this bandwagon, Jules used her Xanga page as a sort of online journal where she documented her everyday life for a public audience.

In 2006, most of the people she knew who used Xanga abandoned it for MySpace. While Jules tried to continue updating her Xanga for a while, as the audience there diminished and disappeared, so too did her postings there. There was a brief period where she tried to document her life on MySpace but even fewer people read MySpace blogs.

In June of 2006, Jules joined YouTube in order to upload a video of a class performance. From there, she uploaded random videos here and there and isn't really sure how or why she started getting subscribers. At some point, realizing people were watching her, she started making videos in an attempt to entertain them. This audience has slowly been growing to the present.

In 2009, Jules began jaily, a new way to document her life in the form of a daily video blog (or "vlog"). Essentially bringing her camera everywhere she goes and filming everything she does, jaily is a snapshot of her day to day life. It has its own YouTube channel, separate from Jules' main account, and is not meant to be entertaining — only straightforward autobiographical video documentary.

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