Jaily: Year 2

Year 2 of Jaily (effectively season 2) is the second year of the video blog internet show "Jaily". This year of Jaily is shown on a weekly basis much more like a traditional sit com.

Main Characters

Jules Ismail

The protagonist of the series, and the titular character.

Alex Galloway

Jules's sidekick/enemy, Alex has been missing a reflection since the middle of Year 1.

Hank Moore

Still frequently referred to as Paul (much to his annoyance), Jules's boss in the demon hunting business, main resident of George Mason University.

Eli Sloan

A Sloanian (a type of alien) whose purpose on Earth remains a mystery, Eli's Spaceship is the location of some of the action of Jaily.

Secondary Charecters


A demon that specializes in self reflection therapy, hired by Alex and Jules at the misinterpretation of "self reflection"

Ian Rogers

A former D.C. prostitute who is currently addicted to Goldendiamonds. He lives with his former pimp, Andre, and his parents.

Katherine Olek

Kathy is the mother of Alex's son, Sod she is very tempermental

China Jones

China is a resident of Alexandria, her purpose is unknown and fans speculate she may simply be on the show as a way to up the ratings.

List of episodes

Oh, That Ian!
Gurar the Guru
Stupid Paul Gets Possessed by a Demon
Ms. Olek
The Golden Pot

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