jaily, spelled with a lowercase "j," or alternatively, spelled with all capital letters (JAILY.), is Jules Ismail's daily video blog and the glimpse into her daily life for jaily viewers.


Many of the more popular YouTubers had begun uploading daily vlogs and Jules decided it was time she started her own. On July 16 2009, she uploaded her first vlog to a new channel (theroachyjaily), called "Hi, I'm Jules (200907.16: Day 1)."[1] She has filmed and uploaded a video for every day of her life since.


jaily is designed to have the look and feel of an episodic television series while depicting, with no intention of entertaining anyone[2], the daily life of Jules. Each episode (sometimes in multiple parts) represents one day and is denoted by jaily date.


The original jaily logo is magenta text the reads "jaily." in the font "Tall Paul." It was first seen in the episode "Leesburg, Virginia? (200908.10: Day 26)" as a simple title card[3] and was later enhanced by Hank Moore to include a sound effect and a fade effect, visible in the episode "Court Summons! (200908.21: Day 37)."[4] It was improved once more after jaily went HD in "CLIMBING ROCK WALL WITH CROCS - NOVA DAY - (200909.17: Day 63)."[5]

A second logo later came into being, still magenta, the new logo's font was JulesHand, and sat atop a silhouette of Jules posing like a sexy supermodel. While this title card was also put together by Hank, the silhouette was created by Zell Denver from an original image of Jules posing like a sexy supermodel.

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