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jaily ID No. IR-03
Race Human
Current Status on jaily Notable Character
First Mentioned in jaily Day 3
First Visual Appearance Day 3
Actual Debut on jaily Day 3
Beverage of Choice Either Orange Juice or Dr. Pepper, we don't know which

Ian Rogers is a high school dropout, former Treampeoline member, and currently a male prostitute in D.C.

Pre-jaily relationship to Jules

When he was a Freshman at Annandale, Ian met Jules Ismail in a Physical Education class. He approached Jules and informed her that he was going to hump her leg. Moments later, he followed through, and they have been friends since.

Ian became a part of the Treampeoline when he started showing up and forcibly inserting himself into various scenes during the filming of Gjaehpfdddon and kMaoulltron[1][2][3]. Later, he began showing up at Jules' house and with time, the group got used to him just kind of always being around.


Enmity with Camera Guy

Ian is first seen in "Metro Drama! (200907.18: Day 3)," mid-sentence describing his "inadvertent" attack on Alex[4].

…nachhh… and I turn around and I see yuh and I'm like "hey Jules" and you just fawuh.

He then proceeded to glare at the camera.

Ian's Strange Dream

In "Metro Drama! (200907.18: Day 3)," Ian described a dream he had where he was being raped by a vampire. When he woke up, he had a ruler lodged in his anus[4]. Alex commented on this, stating that the dream indicated "psychological-type needs".

Criticism of 7-11.

I don't know if you guys have 7-11s where you are, you may have wawas— which is a lot better than 7-11, but this is our kind of wawa. But it's not as better[4].

As a victim of teasing

Many jokes have been made at Ian's expense by everyone throughout jaily. In "Hotwiring cars & getting "free" stuff (200908.07: Day 23)," Edwin, while dining with the treampeoline at a Wendys, offered Ian a seat that turned out to be a child's high-chair[6].


Abusive Tendencies

On July 30 2009, Ian placed a call to the Roachy Hotline and then forced Jules to upload most of it[5]. In the recording, he can be heard angrily demanding a shout-out to him be posted on twitter. Later, on Jules' birthday, he was quite insistent that he get to ride shotgun despite Camera Guy's protest that Ian always rides shotgun[7].

Months later, in D.C., on October 16 2009, he stole Jules' seat in Caroline's father's car— forcing Jules to find another way home.

On February 8 2010, Ian loomed over Jules Ismail's shoulder and demanded she erase an entire section from this jailypedia article.

As a thief

On August 7 2009, Ian acquired a shopping cart full of gamer magazines, strategy guides, and a bag of trash from outside of blockbuster[6]. He brought it to Eli, Alex, and Jules, and together, they proceeded to loot it.

As a male prostitute

Ian was proven able to deep throat[4]. On October 16 2009, Ian was discovered by Jules, Alex, and Caroline in D.C. where it was revealed that he dropped out of high school and was working as a street prostitute[8].

Stalkerish Tendancies

Jules, Alex, and Caroline agreed to let Ian buy lunch for them on October 16 2009. Afterward, he refused to leave them alone[9]. Jules managed to escape, but Alex and Caroline stayed with him.

Jules rescue attempt

Following the disappearance of Jules, Ian became convinced that Jules was dead and her body was being kept by Chinese or Russian Mobsters. Ian, likely blaming himself for Jules' death, became extremely focused on retrieving the body for a proper burial[9]. Jules was later discovered, alive, urinating under some sort of tree/bush hybrid.

His own vlog

After getting a camera with a built-in camera from his uncle, Ian hinted at starting his own daily vlog ["Metro Drama! (200907.18: Day 3)"[4]], but either immediately changed his mind or was joking the entire time. Later, he registered a new YouTube account, iankindasometimes, for which made plans to sporadically upload his own vlogs, but with no predetermined regularity[10]. However, as of September 5 2009, there has been no activity on the channel except to favorite videos he previously uploaded to his main account, War11ock.

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