Haaaaaaank! is a the first year of the jaily fan fiction spin-off series The Chronicles of Hank.

Episode List

Day # Title Hanko Date Description
Day 1 It was worth it. 11|08|2009 Today, Hank starts his own vlog and shows jaily viewers what happens behind the scenes.
Day 2 Good for you! 11|09|2009 Hank jerks Jules' chain (That's what she said). The Haaaaaaank! intro sound is created.
Day 3 ITU - This episode is cursed! 11|12|2009 Hank and his roommate John go to the campus tech support office to get a problem fixed.
Day 4 What?! 11|13|2009 Hank's supposed to be editing Day 2.
Days 5 & 6 Rawr! 11|15|2009/11|16|2009 Hank interrogates Alec, oh, and Jules comes to GMU.
Day 7 The Haaaaaaank! Horror Picture Show 11|24|2009 Hank shows his fans GMU… in the dark!
Day 8 A Very Merry Haaaaaaankmas! 12|06|2009 Hank spreads some seasonal cheer while Jules grinches it up.
Day 9 Journey To Anime Pavillion Part 1 12|15|2009 Hank tries to get to the Anime Pavillion from GMU.
Day 10 Journey To Anime Pavillion Part 2 12|17|2009 Hank meets up with Camera Girl and completes his mission.
Day 11 Goatman and Fatty 01|20|2010 Hank calls in a specialist to help him with his food-based problems.
Day 12 The Gang's All Here Part 1 01|23|2010 Jules and Camera Guy come to visit. Hank makes a surprising move.
Day 12 The Gang's All Here Part 2 01|23|2010 Part 2 of the thrilling two-parter…
Day 13 Whether You Like it or Not 01|31|2010 Hank tries something new to disastrous results.
Day 14 Snowpocalyptica 02|05|2010 Hank and Eli go to get lunch while the world around them falls to the mighty power of snow.
Day 15 Happy Singles Awareness Day! 02|14|2010 Hank takes part in an experiment, bad idea.
Day 16 Drugged! (Oh, and I Went to Homecoming) Part 1 02|20|2010 Hank gets drugged, and the results are not pretty.
Day 16 Drugged! (Oh, and I Went to Homecoming) Part 2 02|20|2010 Hank goes to a tailgate and goes on a rather short journey to get a shirt.
Day 16 Drugged! (Oh, and I Went to Homecoming) Part 3 02|20|2010 Hank goes to Homecoming! (The game, not the dance.)
Day 17 The Hank Files 02|27|2010 Hank decides to document "the Life of an Alien".
Day 18 Holo-Hell! Part 1 03|06|2010 - 03|14|2010 Hank goes through his own personal Holo-Hell!!!
Day 18 Holo-Hell! Part 2 03|06|2010 - 03|14|2010 It's the shocking continuation!!!
Day 19 Back in Action (And Back in Danger) Part 1 04|10|2010 After going through Holo-Hell and having to send his camera in for repairs, Hank decides to go on a nice, calm adventure with the jaily gang. Unfortunately, Hank forgot one thing: He's going on an adventure with the jaily gang.
Day 19 Back in Action (And Back in Danger) Part 2 04|10|2010 It's spreading…
Day 20 Adventures in CUE Bussery 04|14|2010 Hank tries to ride the CUE Bus again.
Day 21 Alex 04|25|2010 Alex…. just… Alex…
Day 22 The Color of Hank's Friendship 04|26|2010 Today, Hank was totally not racist.
Day 23 The Big Experiment 04|30|2010 Hank and Jules go to an mp3 Experiment.
Day 24 Hank's Healing 05|14|2010 Hank has been dealing with a lot lately. He needs some time to heal.
Day 25 A Monstrous Excursion 05|24|2010 Hank journeys with Jules and Eli to the lair of the pod monsters.
Day 26 Catch You on the Flip Side 06|24|2010 Hank receives a new, more durable camera. Alex is on drugs.
Day 27 A Cautionary Tale 07|01|2010 Today, Hank learns the value of not messing with other people's stuff.
Day 28 Hank's Job 07|14|2010 Hank goes to work today, but he still won't tell us what he does.

Focus of the Show

In contrast to jaily, which seems to focus on Jules Ismail with minimal attention to the rest of its cast, Haaaaaaank! has so far featured the people surrounding Hank more than Hank himself. This is somewhat due to him having no camera person (excluding Day 10). Day 16, however, featured Hank a lost more than usual. The trend of focusing on others returned, however, on Day 17, when he stalked documented Eli. Finally, on Day 26, the show has appeared to have settled into a state of focusing on Hank about as much as the people around him.

Jules' Involvement

Jules' apparent feelings towards Haaaaaaank! are lukewarm at best, despite the fact that it was her idea in the first place. As a result, during the first several days, Jules was only in Haaaaaaank! when she didn't know the camera's rolling or when Hank forced her into it. Recently, Jules has begun to move from a position of active repulsion toward that of apathetic involvement.

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