Gourmand Ordure

Gourmand Ordure is a villian in Death Ghost. A corrupt southern gentleman from New Orleans, Ordure's greedy nature is what costs him his life.

Early Life

Gourmand was born to a rich family. Not much is known about his early life except that by the age of 13, he was raping, killing, and enslaving his dearest friends and family.


Gourmand meets Death Ghost at his bar in New Orleans. Death Ghost tells him he's looking for a man named 'Coup'. DG lays three hundred dollars on the table. He tells Ordure that he has a game for him. DG bets that he can best him at a game of darts. Ordure, always looking for fun and more money, agrees.

The rules are very simple, one bullseye wins. Gourmand goes first, hitting just below the mark but tells DG that he is the best, and if he can't do it, no one can. DG simply smirks and throws the dart into Gourmand's eye and gets his blade back. DG tells Gourmand that he wins. Gourmand's mother was an heiress named Belle Taureau, the beautiful bull. While not what it may have seemed, DG did indeed hit a bull's eye. Gourmand tells DG all he knows and then goes to charge the man, demanding his money. DG simply elbows him in the face, pushing the dart all the way through, killing him.


Ordure's name is french. ordure gourmand means greedy filth.

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