Not to be confused with Hot Girl.

Gio is a student at George Mason University and she's really pretty, despite numerous attempts to avoid being filmed.

Pre-jaily relationship to Jules

Prior to graduating, Gio was a student at Stuart High School where she was very active in the drama department. Jules Ismail showed up at Stuart's cast party for The Crucible in 2007 where they saw each other and may or may not have actually been introduced. She later received a friend request from Jules on Facebook.

In 2008, when Jules showed up at another Stuart cast party, Jules (remembering her name from Facebook) looked at her and said, "Gio, right?" Gio confirmed the inquiry.

Later, during the summer of 2009, while employed at Panera, she was on her way out when Jules, sitting near the door with Eli, recognized her. Jules said, "Gio?" and she confirmed. During this encounter, she informed them that she would soon be a freshman at GMU, and Eli said, "me too!"

Encounter with Jules at Ike's

On September 20 2009, Gio was having a late dinner with a friend at Ike's, an overpriced all-night restaurant on campus at GMU. Coincidentally, Jules was also there with Hank Moore[1]. Upon recognizing her, Jules slid into a seat across from Gio and waited for the recognition to kick in. It was Gio's turn to say "Hi." Jules tried filming her, but she adamantly concealed her face because she said she was suffering from an illness. That same night, Gio introduced Jules to her roommates, including Melissa.

As a belly dancing instructor

On Jules' subsequent visit to GMU the following Sunday (September 27 2009), Gio attempted to teach Jules some basic belly dancing moves[2]. Jules found them difficult.

Early morning Essay writing

The following morning, because Jules hadn't yet left, the two of them spent several hours in a study room, where Gio wrote an essay for her English class[3]. Jules provided a few spontaneous suggestions and spent the rest of the time filming Gio.

"Cereal for Dinner"

On November 15 2009, while having dinner at Southside, Gio initially picked up a salad but exchanged it for a bowl of darkly-colored spherical pellets[4].

Possible Future interaction with Jules

Presently Unknown.

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