Frequently Asked Questions

About Jules

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About jaily

  1. Why won't the turtle move?
    • Most likely, it's because his mommy told him not to play in the street.

About jailypedia

  1. Can I join?
    • Yes, anyone can join. You just have to know how. Which you can find out if you have the drive and desire.
  2. Am I allowed to write whatever I want here?
    • We'd rather you didn't. Articles in this wiki are about people, places, and events connected to Jules Ismail.
  3. I can't find an article about __.
    • It's a big world and there are a lot of articles to write. Why not join us and help write articles yourself?!
  4. Could you write an article about me?
    • No. I mean, I might. But don't ask me to write one for you.
  5. Can I make an article about myself?
    • If you're a member of jailypedia or a subscriber to any of Jules' stuff, then yes. Or even if you just met Jules on the street or something. Thing is, you're reading this, so you must be somehow connected to Jules (even if this is the first you've heard of her), so you are eligible. Just make sure you specify how you are connected to Jules.
  6. Why does every article suggest you "See Also" the article on Jules Ismail?
    • Because, as stated above, everything within this wiki must somehow connect to Jules.

About Hank

  1. Why does nobody like you?
    • Ha ha, very funny. Next question.
  2. No, seriously, nobody seems to give a rat's ass about you. Why?
    • Okay, okay, I get it. Very amusing, now quit while you're ahead. Next question.
  3. Hey, would you answer my question? All I'm asking is why nobody gives a fuck about you.
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