Erin is a superhero that spent some time with Jules Ismail at Clarendon Day, a festival in Arlington, Virginia where they met popular YouTuber GoRemy and the Kinderhouse Wizard. She also taught Jules many interesting things about the Metro system and it is interesting to note that she shares Jules' birthday.

Pre-jaily relationship to Jules

Before she was seen in jaily, Erin was introduced to Jules through a mutual friend - another YouTuber, itwasstinky on September 17 2009 amidst the festivities at Nova Day. They then added each other on Facebook, where she saw and responded to a status update from Jules asking if anyone would be interested in attending Clarendon Day.

On September 26 2009, they met up in Clarendon and observed small children wearing crocs[1] while engaging in fascinating conversation. After deciding they had grown tired of sitting on a bench, they began walking around and met an old "wizard" who admitted to knowing nothing of magic[1].

Erin also helped stabilize and aim Jules' flip when Jules, starstruck by meeting the amazing GoRemy, completely failed at doing so properly herself.

Teaching Jules Ancient Secrets of the Metro

Later that day, it began to rain and the two of them decided to head home. As they descended the steps into the Metro, Erin used her superhuman strength to lift Jules' bike and carry it down the stairs[2]. Upon entering the subterranean environment, Erin recounted a personal story regarding a mouse she had seen during a previous passage through the train system.

After arriving at the Pentagon station, they waited for Jules' bus and with her superhuman dexterity, Erin demonstrated how to attach a bike to the front of bus[2].

Possible Future interaction with Jules

Erin and Jules have discussed the possibility of going together to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at a time that is mutually convenient.

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