Emjampai Leaves

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Emjampai leaves are leaves from the Emjampai plant.

Saporis de Conmercium

Emjampai Leaves contain an addictive chemical called "saporis de conmercium" (literally; "flavor of sexual intercourse" in Latin). They are known to generate intense sexual pleasure in both females and males when consumed, which most likely explains its nomenclature. Emjampai Leaves thrive in the darkest of areas as they are quite photosensitive and even the faintest speck of light can damage the outer layer of the leaf (and dampen its effects).

As a type of Drug

Alone, the consumption of Emjampai leaves is relatively harmless. At worst, a user could go into a maximum of three days locked in a sexually-intense hallucination that they cannot be pulled out of. When they recover from it, there are no residual effects. They will have vivid memories of their hallucination for the rest of their life, and occasionally in reincarnated lives, they vividly relive the hallucination in a dream.

Combined with fire, Emjampai leaves becomes lethal. Emjampai Effect'r cigarettes and cigars were outlawed in Roachia because a smoker could die instantly from just one puff.

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