Eli's Spaceship


Eli's Spaceship is a large non-taran interstellar transport owned (or at least used) by the Sloanian Eli Sloan

Crash and Subsequent Location

In the summer of 1997 Eli Sloan crash landed his spaceship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean stranding him on Earth. Its wherabouts are currently unknown although it is likely still resting at the bottom of the ocean due to the Sloanian Time Dilation Effect.


The size of the ship is unknown although it appears that it was designed for a crew considerably larger than just Eli.


The amount of rooms in the ship, like its size, are unknown. The following is a list of known rooms.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a large area entirely lit by a strange green lighting, it appears to have been unharmed by the crash landing. It was the location that Jules first visited, causing her to think Hank was an alien.

The Holo-Imaging Chamber

The Holo-Imaging Chamber is an enormous room that can take on the appearance of any number of predesignated locations, its ability to feed into the minds of its inhabitants has been hinted at. It is the birthplace of the Alex Virus. It appears to have a built in Emergency Holographic recovery System should the main hologram fail, however, since Alex Galloway hacked into it to create the Alex Virus the sustainability of this system is unknown and the Chamber may no longer be safe to use.

The Brig

The Brig is adjacent to the Holo-Imaging Chamber and houses a small holding cell where Alex Galloway was kept during his time under the influence of Eli's experimentation.

The Engine Room

The Engine Room is at the end of the hallway that houses the Brig. It is a small caged in area with numerous dials on the wall.

Transporting System

The spaceship seems capable of teleporting people and objects from locations if Eli has made it do so, it also appears to randomly teleport previous inhabitants onto it, this may be caused by the crash landing.

The Jules Alarm

It is unclear whether each person to enter the ship has its own alarm or if it is only Jules, but within minutes of the ship being alerted to Jules presence the ship transported him back to Northern Virginia

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