Doc is a character in the Masker Studios universe. He appears in almost every project in some form or another.

Weird NJ

In this universe, Dockery Williams is a pugslanian prince. He spent his time as a young pugslanian learning to become the heir. Though he was the second born male, his eyes held the symbol of the ying-yang, signifying his right to be heir. Doc began to feel distant from his 'destiny', it wasn't him.

When Dockery was 18, he was to be knighted and sworn in as the true heir. However, his brother Dan, who had gone to cleanse his soul for being jealous of Doc's 'rightful heirness', returned. Dan's trials had failed and turned him into a monster. Dan attacked Doc and all of his people. When Doc was able to reach his brother, Dan was sentenced to 400 years in prison for his crimes. Dan agreed to serve his time but Doc was able to lessen it to 200 years and swore he'd find a way to purge Dan of his dark soul. Doc left pugslania that day, the next day, a war began between Pugslanians and their mortal enemies, the Ketzins, cat like creatures. Though Doc was safe, A Ketzin princess, Luna, was following him.

Doc arrived on Earth in the year 1899. He'd lost all his energy during his crash landing in China and reverted to his Pug state. A young Chinese Vampire Slayer found him and made him her pet. In 1900, when the slayer was killed by the vampire Spike, Doc wandered the world, making his way to England where he spent 50 years, gaining a british accent.

Doc had also traveled to America. He was at Woodstock and became a drunk and partier during the 80s. He believed that he had failed in finding someway to help Dan. After being in a family of such powerful pugslanians, he had been a disgrace. One day in 1991, A drunken, high Dockery was met by the spirit of his grandfather, Murphus. Murphy told Doc to quit acting like a fool and man up. He spoke of a young boy who was to be born, the next Blue Flame.
One day, he would need a strong guardian. Doc promised that when the time came, he would be that guardian.

When Jade was killed by Flamaura, Doc was called to go through the trials. He would be forced as close to death as could be and face the first guardian, Puug.

Doc appeared as a normal pug and was adopted by Brendan's family as they moved to West Orange. He revealed himself to Brendan one day and the two became fast friends.

Agent Masker

Doc appears similar to what he is in WNJ. He is a shapeshifting Prise sent to aid Embellina and Masker.


Doc appears as the bassist for Suicidal Notes From Home. He is a british womanizer with a good heart who is in love with Angel.

Assassin's Creed : The Other Half

Dockery appears as a head of the assassin order.

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