Deceased Bird

Real Name DB-32
Race Bird of Some Kind
Current Status on jaily Deceased
First Mentioned in jaily Day 32
First Visual Appearance Day 32
Actual Debut on jaily Day 32
Beverage of Choice Unknown, as we have not taken the time to ask it.

The Deceased Bird is a dead animal of the avian variety. Jules Ismail tried to befriend it, but China warned against such action as the bird was "frickin' dead"[1]. So far, Jules has not come into contact with the deceased bird again, but there is always the possibility…

Failed Friendship Attempt

After failing to befriend a cat and a non-deceased bird, Jules reached out to the deceased bird for companionship. However, China warned her against this companionship, explaining that it was "frickin' dead" and that the flies living on it would probably not appreciate Jules befriending the bird[1].

Possible Causes of Death

Many possible causes of death have been discussed off-camera. So far, the most likely culprit is none other than the avian flu.

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1. Today I went to China (200908.16: Day 32) -
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