Death Ghost

Death Ghost is a series written and created by Brendan Masker. It is the prequel to Agent Masker and stars Masker as the title character. Masker prepared for the role by practicing speaking lower and growing a beard to change his appearence as Death Ghost. It has been comfirmed it will somewhat feature Jules Ismail as Sling, and will feature Emilie Jensen as a character. It is unknown as of yet if it'll be a reletive of Jensen's character Embellina Johnson.


Death Ghost tells the story of an immortal born on a small uncharted island off the shores of Indonesia sometime around 1700. His race aged very slowly and so he was an infant for 50 years. When he was '60' all his kind but him were obliterated. The young one is left alone to fend for himself as a 'child'. Remembering almost nothing as he was like an infant, the young immortal remembers only his mother's face, and that she used to sing him a lulliby. Without a name, the young immortal takes the name of the song he was sung : Kecil.

As Kecil grows to be a strong 'teenager', he learns the art of the assassin, killing only when it is nessecary, and never harming an innocent. Kecil is about 125 he began to learn English while watching an english colony that had come to Asia. He learned how to walk like these humans and speak like they do. He learned of their common names and even took one, James, as his own. He called himself Masker because this was a mask over his true self.

When James was 287, he was at a bar in Virginia. He had become just like Americans, losing the british accent and gaining a few fashion tips from the country. He was approached by a young man who called himself Sling. Sling was starting an orginization and could use the help of the immortal. While hesitant at first, James accepts the offer and becomes Sling's top assassin within minutes. Masker is given a new outfit, a blade, and a codename; DEATH GHOST.

Death Ghost's first mission brings him to New Orleans, where he meets with the proper gentlemen gambler, Gourmand Ordure. Looking for information, DG asks about a man named Coup. Ordure tells DG that he will gladly welcome him into the bar and answer all questions on two conditions. There will be a price, and all weapons must be removed. DG reluctantly leaves behind his blade and goes up to the bar, putting three hundred dollars on the table. He tells Ordure that he has a game for him. DG bets that he can best him at a game of darts. Ordure, always looking for fun and more money, agrees.

The rules are very simple, one bullseye wins. Gourmand goes first, hitting just below the mark but tells DG that he is the best, and if he can't do it, no one can. DG simply smirks and throws the dart into Gourmand's eye and gets his blade back. DG tells Gourmand that he wins. Gourmand's mother was an heiress named Belle Taureau, the beautiful bull. While not what it may have seemed, DG did indeed hit a bull's eye. Gourmand tells DG all he knows and then goes to charge the man, demanding his money. DG simply elbows him in the face, pushing the dart all the way through, killing him.

(to be continued)

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