Crimson Daughter

Crimson Daughter is the name of a Weird NJ special created by Brendan Masker. It is currently in Pre-Production and will probably be there until September 2010. It will tell the tale of an Apocolyptic Future where Brendan could not save the world. It has changed much since its initial conception.

Original Plot

The original plot of CD, was Masker arrested under a false charge by the Order of the blue flame. He would then be freed by two renegades; His nephew, Lucky, and Em's daughter, Charlotte. The three then had to defeat Millenia, a being infecting and controlling Dockery Williams.

New Plot/Differences

The new plot is a WWIII era. It takes place roughly around 2032, Adolf Hitler's DNA has been used to clone a new vicious dictator who has inslaved the Earth with the help of Benjiman Decorpo and Stefon Stalingrad. The American Liberation Front is training soldiers to face the Global United Nazi Sector, or GUNS.

Brendan had gone into hiding after losing a fight with Alexander Hitler in 2013. A year later, Hitler came back to demand Masker train his troops for the invasion of Europe. When Masker refused, Hitler took his left eye, arm, and crippled his left leg. Masker became withdrawn and trained no one, including Americans and heroes.

Em at some point has a daughter, Charlotte. When Em is put in ICU by invading GUNS, she decides to join the army. She is turned away by a no-woman policy due to the viciousness of the GUNS, especially to women. Charlotte, along with Doc's son, Gilligan, sneak into the Army, with Charlotte disguised as a young man, Charlie.

Masker has finally come out of hiding and agrees to train the new army, using his blue flame abilities to harshly push them to the edge and beyond.


-Masker is still portrayed as an old man but in different ways. In the original, it was the tortures and different time waves of the torture room. In the new CD, it is because it has been more years and the stress he's indured.

-Masker had no injuries besides some scars in the original, in the new, he has no left eye or arm and has a crippled left leg.

-Masker can easily use the blue flame ability in the new. In the orig, he could not access it till the end.

-Charlotte is known to Masker when he first meets her in the original, in the new, Brendan has no idea that she is even female.

-Lucky is best friends with Charlotte and is even crushing on her in the original. In the new, he first meets her in the army.

-Masker is tired and emotionless in the original, but opens up to Charlotte and Lucky. In the new, Masker is tired and bitter about his defeats and losses.

-Em was not revealed in the original and presumed dead. In the new, she is alive, but heavily injured.

-Masker repeatedly reconnects his memories of Em through Charlotte in both versions. Even disguised as a man, Brendan can see Em's face and eyes in Charlie.


Brendan Masker The blue flame, hero of the earth. Brendan was deafeated by the GUNS and spent the last 18 years in hiding. It is uknown how CD will be shown/heard but Masker will be portraying 'himself'.

Charlie Jensen Charlotte 'Charlie' Jensen is Em's daughter. It is unkown who her father is, allowing the audience to interpret it as they like. She disguises herslef as a young man to join the army after the GUNS put her mother in ICU.

Gilligan Williams A pugslanian who keeps in his pug form and protects Charlotte. He is Doc's son and behaves as such. He is also the son of Luna Ravencroft, a Catzoin. He tries to help Charlotte in the army.

Lucky Wolven Leopold 'Lucky' Wolven is Brigid's son. He had green natural hair and is an adept fighter.

Shin Korhal Shin is a asian-decent warrior who wishes to save the world. He is kind hearted but a bit slow.

Shade Orval Shade is a punk who tries to take on Masker during the first day and loses horribly.

The AXIS The new supergroup plotting to enslave the world. Made up by Alexander Hitler a clone of Adolf Hitler, Ben Decorpo an italian mob boss and leader of Italy, and Stefon Stalingrad Stalin's decendent.


Only one song has been confirmed to be in Crimson Daughter, 'I'll make a man out of you' from Mulan. It will be covered by Brendan as himself and Gilligan. It will include Masker, Shin, Shade, Lucky, Gilligan, and Charlotte.

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