Creepy Corner

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The Creepy Corner is a small area found on the grounds of John Adams Elementary School. It is known for causing a deep feeling of unease among visitors. There is speculation that this may be a Mystical location[Citation Needed].

Attractor of Death

There have been a large number of birds found deceased in the Creepy Corner. Alex's speculation is that the electrical generators near the Corner are the cause of a deep seeded psychological unease affecting anyone standing at that precise location. Ian Rogers' view is that it is "a fucking creepy area and the generators add to that."

Effect On Creativity

The Creepy Corner has shown notable signs of causing creativity to lean towards horror, this is shown in the fact that this is the location of the origination of The Were-Jay.

Possible Time Distortion

When one enters the creepy corner time seems to speed up, an unexplainable phenomenon that eli should currently be working on, but isn't.

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