China Jones

jaily ID No. CJ-29
Race Human
Current Status on jaily Main Character
First Mentioned in jaily Day 29
First Visual Appearance Day 29
Actual Debut on jaily Day 29
Beverage of Choice Mountain Dew

Not to be confused with Very Pretty Girl.

China Jones is a Hot Girl who works at a theatre and therefore gets Jules Ismail free movie tickets. She is very involved with malls and shopping[8] and romantically with Jules' youngest stepbrother[10]. She can often be seen with small pile of cash[8][10].

Pre-jaily relationship to Jules

China met Jules when they were both freshmen at Annandale High School in 2006. She had many friends and was quite popular. The first thing Jules said to China was "Oh! So you're that China everyone's been talking about!"

Following that incident, they basically just knew of each other until 2009 when China transferred to the same pathetic school Jules had moved to in late 2008. China had contacted Jules to inform her during winter break, and they made plans to meet up so Jules could show her around. These plans quickly fell through because of Jules' Suspension from Utopia.

Though not an official member of the treampeoline for whatever reason, she worked with Jules' Secondary Filming Crew on Caliburn, where she portrayed the Lake Bitch.

Relation to 7-11

China has always lived within a close vicinity to a 7-11[2][6]. When she is first seen in jaily, she is outside of a 7-11 eating a buffalo wing taquito[1].

On September 2 2009, China, Jules, and Alex explored a new 7-11 near China's new apartment.

Ornithophobia and Involvement with the Comment Game

On August 16 2009, China exhibited signs of intolerance towards avians when she told Jules not to touch a deceased bird because it was "frickin' dead." Shortly afterward, the two did a live broadcast on blogTV where Jules gave responses to the second Comment Game and China wrote on Jules' forehead[2].


Role in Preventing the Apocalypse

On Jules' birthday, China went with Jules and Eli to the post office to mail the Apocalypse-Preventing Purple Shirt to Ryan Cyr[3]. She secured the package by smacking it. Afterward, they celebrated this accomplishment by simultaneously eating ice cream and dancing[4].

Falling Asleep on Mattress

One day later, on August 18 2009, in one of the most viewed episodes of jaily, China fell asleep on a mattress in Jules' room[5] that was used the previous night by Ian.


As an unboxer

On September 14 2009, China is seen unboxing Jules' Flip. It is established then that she seemed to be often involved with Jules' packages[7].

As a shopper

China enjoys shopping and sometimes brings Jules with her on such adventures. In "Lingerie Shopping with a Stranger! (200909.16: Day 62)," she, Jules, and an unnamed driver went to Tyson's Corner so China could find something for her mother's birthday[8]. Jules and the driver suggested lingerie.

On October 5 2009, China introduced Jules to Ballston mall[10].

China's Stalker

On September 19 2009, outside the old 7-11, China recounted a recent experience where a man on the street was demanding to know her name[9]. The man turned out to be a friend of Issa, who dropped by later that day with the creeper!

The guy later told Jules and (whether inadvertently or not:) the camera, that his name is "Paquito Pepito" and he would stop at nothing to find out China's name.

Romantic involvement with Jules' stepbrother

It is known that China and Jules' youngest stepbrother are romantically involved[10]. This creeps Jules out a little.

Possible Future interaction with Jules

The two made plans to see The Invention of Lying on Tuesday October 28.

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