Camera Guy

"First, he wastes my tape. Then my hard drive space. And now? Now a whole jailypedia page."
- Jules Ismail

jaily ID No. AG-03
Race Human
Current Status on jaily Owes Jules $10
Current Status on Haaaaaaank! Owes Hank $15
First Mentioned in jaily Day 3
First Visual Appearance Day 3
Actual Debut on jaily Day 3
Beverage of Choice Cherry Coke

Camera Guy, aka Alex, is perhaps the second most seen person in jaily. He is noted for his womanizing ways, his pension for Cherry Coke, his tendency to waste the tape/hard drive on Jules' camera, and his love of cinematography. He has been seen, on several occasions, attempting to illegitimately acquire ownership Jules' camera.

Pre-jaily Relationship to Jules

Alex met Jules at the cast party for Annandale High School's theatrical production of Robin Hood[1] (his first show at Annandale). His first words to the internet were:

"It's like having your cock sucked… and then spat out."

Alex's first appearance in a Treampeoline production was the first episode of Sling Files[2].

Relationship with Hank Moore

Camera Guy and Hank were initially seen together at George Mason University. At first, they seemed relatively friendly, but Hank has recently begun showing signs of dislike towards him. Their current relationship status is marked as "nemeses".

Love of Cinematography

When Camera Guy finally managed to steal Jules' camera, the first thing he decided to do with it was film what he called a "Dutch Angle" shot. This kind of text-book knowledge of cinematography has not been seen in any other person on jaily to date, though Hank Moore has been witnessed saying "Oh this is such a cool shot!" and other such basic remarks.

Origins of the Name

Alex is the Camera Guy. Hence, his name is Camera Guy. Next.

Tendency to Waste Jules' Tape/Hard Drive

Camera Guy tends to turn the camera on at unnecessary moments in time, much to the chagrin of Jules. Hank Moore, who has a similar compulsive condition, has commented that in his case, he does not care quite as much about it because it is his own footage to waste:

I can waste it because my camera, guess what, has more memory!
- Hank Moore

The "Kathy" Incident

On Day 45 [3], it was noted that Alex copulated with a female at George Mason University by the name of Kathy. No mention of this incident has recently been made, and Kathy still has yet to be revealed to jaily viewers.

Lack of Abilities in the Field of Vocabulary

Camera Guy has been known to use words without fully understanding what they mean. For intance, in his own article, Camera Guy claims that he has a "pension for Cherry Coke123".

Recent Activity

Camera Guy was recently involved in the "rescue" of Jules from the Chinese or Russian Mobsters [4].

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