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Brendan James Masker is a friend and subscriber of Jules. Though he doesn't appear in Jaily as of yet, due to his location in New Jersey. He considers Jules to be a great mentor, youtuber, and friend.
An old pic of Brendan…

Life before Jules

Brendan was born Febuary 21, 1991 in Belleville New Jersey where he lived until he was two months old. From there he and his family moved to Kearny, NJ, In an apartment building his grandparents landlorded over. He lived on the first floor for some time, through his sister's birth in '94, and his parents divorce. He then lived on the second floor until he was 12, and moved to West Orange where he's lived ever since.

He got his grammer education at Sacred Heart, Washington School, and Lincoln school in Kearny, and Roosevelt Middle School in West Orange. He got his highschool education at West Orange High School and is currently A musical theatre major at County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ.

Brendan had been a youtuber long before he met Jules, but had done nothing with it until 2008, when he made a dub of a popular show, Metalocolypse.

Interactive Telephone Call

One Fateful day, Brendan saw a new video from SMPFilms, whom he had subscribed to. The video showed Corey 'Mr. Saftey' Williams on one end of a phone conversation, with the twist being filming yourself on the other end. Jules had created a spin off with HER character Sling. Brendan had seen this vid and decided Sling was an interesting character and made a response to her vid right away.

Brendan had created Agent Masker, a renegade agent of Sling's who was determined to take Sling down. This evovled from a single army of one character plot, into a leader of a revolution, into what it is now, Agent Masker, with the help of his friends, trying to undo Sling's wrongs, learning along the way Sling isn't the world's biggest concern.

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