best dream ever

"The dream was where you [Jules Ismail] and I were in a castle together randomly with your family. You had a camera and I was following you around, trying to be of use to you and the production of jaily. Oh we weren't randomly with your family the whole time but we did randomly meet up with your family. Your younger brothers were giving me tips on how to be a productive character in jaily since I wasn't sure if I was doing anything right and I just wanted to be helpful to you. So then we left your family and we're walking down some long hallways and it was pretty creepy (you were narrating a lot of this on camera). And then suddenly this monster came out of nowhere and tried to attack us. I was so scared but then you handed me your camera and told me not to be scared and to film this. I willingly complied as you stepped in front of me, ripped off your shirt and called forth the powers of Barack Obama. Then there was this bright white light and we were saved. I woke up feeling safe and re-energized.


- Alana Hackes

"I'm surprised there wasn't anything about Avril in there."
- Hank Moore After Reading this Article

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