Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio is a complex, highly technical way of saying your (insert visual media name here) is "x" inches wide by "y" inches tall. There are four "standard" aspect ratios know to the world of film and video: 4x3, 16x9, 1.85x1, and 2.39x1. Hank Moore has recently decided to experiment with 9x16 aspect ratio to some effect.


4x3 Aspect Ratio is what you see on a full screen television. It's square-ish and rather boring.

This is 4x3.


16x9 Aspect Ratio is what you see on a widescreen television. It's less square-ish, and more interesting.

This is 16x9!


1.85x1 Aspect Ratio is what you would usually see when watching a film at the theater. It's a little more fun than 16x9, but there's not much of a notable difference.

This is 1.85x1!!


2.39x1 Aspect Ratio is what you see when you watch an especially epic movie. There is a great deal more showing on either side of the once square frame now, making things more fun.

This is 2.39x1!!!!


9x16 Aspect Ratio is a relatively new take on videography introduced to Jules by Hank Moore. Jules commended that it allowed viewers to see her entire "sexy body". It creates some serious spatial limitations on the horizontal, but gives the cameraman much more vertical room to play with, making it new and exciting! Jules now uses it for her monologues and diatribes in jaily.

THIS IS 9x16!!!!!

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