Anti-47 Sentiment

Hank Moore has a passionate hatred of the number 47.

"It's the whole 'You can't avoid it' idea. It just annoys me. I hate 'The Game' for the same reason. I don't like being put into situations where there's only one outcome. I feel like a rat in a lab, only the scientists aren't doing it for science, they're doing it for kicks."
-Hank on the number 47.

"I just lost the game."
-Jules on Hank's above quote.

"You just had to ruin it."
-Hank on Jules' above quote.

"You made me lose the game again. Stop editing this page!"
-Jules on Hank's above quote.

"I just lost the game too, guys. Shows what I get for browsing around the 'lesser known' pages."
-Eli on Hank and Jules' above quotes.

"Fuck. Damn it, Eli! Look, by editing it, you made me come back to this page and thereby forced me into losing again. You baboon! I was on a frickin' winning streak!!"
-Jules on Eli's above quote.

"Seriously, Eli? Seriously? Why do you keep enabling her? Everything was just great until you mentioned that… that… that thing! I thought we agreed to cheat at the game together! What happened, man?! What happened?!"
-Hank on Eli's above quote.

It should be noted that Hank has not once visited The Game's page on jailypedia.
Wait, this is the Anti-47 Sentiment page... Oh, nevermind...

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