Ankh Trinity


Courtney "Ankh Trinity" Thomas was born on February 16, 1991 in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Raised in Arlington, Virgina for 7 years of his life, he was always involved in the Hip-Hop scene. He was Drawing graffiti in Black Books, before he knew the significance of one. He soon moved to Alexandria, Virgina, a few minutes from Arlington, and continued to get further involved in this lifestyle.

He began rapping with his Blood Brother when he was 12 years young. Freestyling over anything at all, from M.O.P to J Dilla, to Heavy Metal instrumentals. This greatly enhanced his freestyle and writing abilities. Meeting with his Brotherly Friend, who introduced him to Slam Poetry, in 8th grade(Issa "Moon Tzu" Abernathy) they began rocking local shows in the schools, recreation centers, and Sports Bars.

Now teaming up with with producer, Mr.U.F.O, going by "Astro Gurl" in Japan. Ankh has risen from the Local streets of Alexandria, VA, to the local street of Japan. This is epic to some, but he stays humble and on his move.

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