Agents of Sling (MS Universe)

This a list of known agents in Sling's orginization, in the Masker Studios universe. This list will follow a name/codename template.

  • Brendan Masker/Agent Masker - The main character of the show of the same name. He is cunning and quick, an expert assassin by the age of five. He becomes too attached to targets and is punished repeatedly by Sling.
  • James Masker/Death Ghost - An immortal Sling recruited in the 1980s. He has lived since around 1700 and had been killing for 'justified' reasons since he could walk. His kind age slowly and by the time Sling had found him, he was physically 21. James learned that the rest of his kind had been killed by one who knew how to kill an immortal, and his mother had cursed him to age as soon as he loved. James died in the fire started by Smoink, under the order of Sling's brother Shot, saving his son. His last wish and words to Sling were to look after his son, and raise him to be strong. His name is due to him being an immortal(ghost) assassin(death).
  • Noel Reardon/Red Christmas - Noel was born to two scientists who worked with an asylum to experiment on the mentally ill. She was playing when the generator backfired, allowing inmates to escape. Her parents locked her in to ensure that none would escape. What happened that night drove Noel into darkness. She was given to an orphanage under false information by her parents. Sling adopted her. She was constantly greatful to Sling for taking her away from the darkness, and is the only main agent Masker encounters after his 'dismissal' from the orginization who seriously calls Sling 'Master'. She is killed by Masker, who later, knowing what happened, returns the favor to her parents, before setting it ablaze. Her last name is based off of Brendan's kindergarden teacher.
  • Josephine Sayonara/Juliet - A fellow agent and love interest of Agent Masker's. She and he met in 'high school', and when she tried to get close to him, his blades pierced her. After her death, he spirit was used by the prise Finnigan to become one of the three. Her name is based off the song Devil In Jersey City by Coheed and Cambria.
  • Jak Crypt/GraveRobber - Crypt is a sadistic necromancer. He uses the dead to paralyze his enemies before slaying them slow, and painfully. He betrays Sling and attempts to kill Masker. He is killed by Em. His codename is based off the character from Repo! The genetic opera.
  • Mike Daluke/Skarekrow - An ex agent who is a master apothecarisist and user of the fear technique. He was one of two Agents who Masker could actually call friend. He is hunted down and killed by Crypt. Skarekrow gives his spirit to Masker. He is based off of Brendan's actual friend 'Skarekrow'.
  • Jonathan Dylan/Agent Wolfe - Wolfe is a honorable agent who respects all Agents, but only if they give respect. His first appearence he was lied to by Crypt, who for years tricked him into thinking he was as honorable as Wolfe. Crypt told him of Masker's betrayal but twisted it and told Wolfe that Sling had ordered his 'removal'. He is based off of Brendan's friend 'Wolf'
  • Medwin Christiansan/Godsent - Medwin was a very religious and intelligent agent who was loyal to Sling until he was put on a project to clone Masker and Noel. He became a priest under the name Micheal Angelo Fumello. He is killed by Cole. His last name is roughly based off a drum teacher Brendan knows.
  • Cole Reardon Masker/Rising Son - A clone of Masker and Noel. He has masker's abilities and Noel's mental state and loyalty to Sling. He was kept as a fail safe if Masker or Noel ever went AWOL. Though Sling never meant to activate him, the order given to eliminate Masker when he refused to kill Em triggered his awakening process. He is killed by Masker.

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