Agent Masker

AGENT MASKER (also known as Agent Masker : Renegade Agent) is a youtube series created by Brendan Masker and edited by both he and co-star Emilie Jensen. The show stars Brendan, Em, and Jules Ismail.


Agent Masker tells the story of the title character, an renegade agent of Sling's orginization.

Agent Masker begins with flashes of Masker and a young girl. Masker, the young girl, and Sling's voice can be heard, muffled. Masker wakes up, hurt severely, and has no memory of who he is. He wonders to a basement, something pulling him there, and finds a laptop. On the laptop is the young girl from his shattered memories. She calls him Agent Masker, says her name is Embellina Johnson, and tells him that even though she knows he tried to kill her, he ended up saving her life.

Masker, confused with all of this, is found by a man who says his name is Dockery Williams. The man is able to scan through Masker's memories and shows Masker he has a blade in each arm. Masker finds out where Em is, but also finds out Doc is not as good as he claims. He is working for a man named Shot, presumably Sling's brother. Masker attacks and escapes Doc and ends up running for his life. He is met by two angels, prise; the highest choir of angels, unknown to man; who tell him he has a destiny. Masker hot-wires a car and heads for New Jersey, to find Em.

On his way out of Alexandria, Masker stops to get gas and is assulted by a young girl. After being beaten to near death, Masker uses his blades to cut the girls throat. He leaves her on the side of the road and takes off. Masker, once again, stops to rest just outside of Penssylvania and falls into an odd dream. He sees the girl he killed but she is different. She has no eyes, and is bleeding from where he cut her. Masker remembers her, Noel, a fellow agent who was insane. Masker feels little guilt and continues on his way.

(to be continued)

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